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Avagrant is a person, usually poor, who wanders from place to place without a home or regular work. In Medieval Europe this was considered a crime. From the 1530's this was punishable by getting whipped and from the 1540's were hung.

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Q: What was the punishment for vagrancy in medieval times?
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What is a fine in medieval times?

A fine is a kind of punishment in which in the medieval times you would have to serve in humiliation for braking the law.

What was the punishment for robbery in medieval times?

The medieval punishment for Highway Robbery is by raping the criminal

What was the punishment for drinking in medieval times?

the answer is that they placed them in the village stocks.

What was the punishment for murdering someone in the Medieval Times?

In medieval times, you could have been dragged out and hung, had your head chopped off, or become the king.

What similarities are there between crime and punishment of medieval times and crime and punishment today?

In some countries torture is still used

What was the punishment for Counterfeiting coins in medieval times?

The same punishment as treason. Drawing and quartering, burning at the stake, etc. Sometimes more creative

What punishment would you get in medieval times if you stole a shilling?

generally if you did steal you would get your hands chopped off.

What was the medieval punishment for robbing?

In medieval times, the punishment for robbery could vary depending on the severity of the crime and the laws in place at the time. Common punishments included fines, public humiliation, branding, mutilation, or even death by hanging or beheading.

Who make the punishment in medieval?

The king

What is the law about vagrancy in Indiana?

Vagrancy laws in indiana

When people could not partipate in communion at church in medieval times what was the punishment called?

I think you are referring to excommunication, a punishment under which people could not receive communion, among other things.

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