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Jesters were middle class people. In order to do their work, they could really not be serfs. But they could also not be members of the nobility.

There were quite a few middle class people in the Middle Ages, despite what some people would think. Anyone who was not working as a laborer for hire, and was not a member of the nobility, would have been middle class, and that would have included merchants, craftsmen, bakers, inn keepers, surgeons, attorneys, stewards, and so on. Jesters fit in with them.

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Q: What was the rank of a jester in medieval times?
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a jester would beep his wife all day

What was the rank of a king in medieval times?

There was no "rank". He was king and that was it.

How old is a jester in medieval times?

A jester could be of any age. The most important things about jesters were that they had to be entertaining, and this can be done by young and old alike.

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No...they were servants of the kind in medieval times...i dont think they got paid at all

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A jester :3

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