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focus her energies on the home and children.

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Q: What was the role of white middle-class women in antebellum America was primarily to?
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The majority of White families in the antebellum South owned?

The majority of White families in the antebellum South owned enslaved African Americans. This system of slavery was a key foundation of the Southern economy, with enslaved individuals forced to provide labor on plantations and in households.

How many slaves were owned by white families in the antebellum South?

White familes in the south during the antebellum time did not own any slaves. At least the majority of whits did not own any

What were most white southerners in the antebellum south?

most white southerners were non-slaveholding family farmers

What happened to birthrate among native born white women during antebellum period?

It rose

Most white men in the antebellum South could best be described as?

Most white men in the antebellum South could best be described as landowners who owned slaves and wielded significant social and economic power within their communities. They were part of the dominant class that enforced racial hierarchies and benefited from the institution of slavery.

How many slaves did a majority of white families own in the antebellum south?

I know this answer, because i am studying for an AP us history exam. The answe is 0. Most families in the antebellum south (88%) owned no slaves at all!

What happened to birthrate among native-born white women during antebellum period?

The birth rate for the native-born white women in the United States rose dramatically during the antebellum period. In the same period, the cotton economy in the South was profitable and industrialization in the North was growing.

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During the Antebellum period this region did not have rigid class distinctions almost all white men could vote and own property?

The West!!

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about 73% of America is white.

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