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Barter was an element. With the introduction of coins, the monetary economy also developed. Agriculture and pastoralism were the oldest activities. With imperial expansion trade became massive, and artisanal activities also flourished.

In the early days debt bondage was the main form of labour exploitation, then slavery became the dominant one.

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farming and trade

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Q: What was the roman economy based on?
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Was the roman economy based on agriculture or taxation?

The Roman economy was based on a combination of agriculture, trade, and taxation. Agriculture was a crucial part of the economy, with the majority of the population involved in farming. Taxation was also a key source of revenue for the Roman government, helping fund the military, infrastructure, and other public services.

How was the Roman economy?

It was a good economy and was never terribly complex. they mainly were farmers and their economy was based on feeding all citizens!

What is the Difference in Roman Empire economy and Roman republice economy?


What impact did slavery have on the deterioration of the Roman economy?

What impact did slavery have on the deterioration of the Roman economy?

What is a Industrial based economy?

an economy based on industry

What kind of economy did ancient rome have?

The economy of Ancient Rome was based on Agriculture, Slaves and Trade. Industrial production was only a small part of their economic base.

What is the economy of Khashaat based on?

The economy of Khashaat is based on herding.

What was the Northern economy was based on?

northern economy was based on manufacturing

What is Iowa's economy based on?

Iowa's economy is based on Agriculture.

What is Kenya's developing economy based on?

Kenya's developing economy is based on agriculture and tourism.

What was the economy of french and dutch colonists based on?

The economy of French and Dutch colonist was based on an agricultural economy based on African slavery

What was the basis of the ancient Roman economy?

Like in all pre-industrial economies, the basis of the Roman economy as agriculture.