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Ancient peoples have almost always viewed adultery as a serious crime and the Romans were no different.

The Roman punishment for adultery varied by whom committed the offense. For Roman men there weren't many rules. Most could do whatever they wanted, provided it was with a woman who was either a slave, prostitute or of otherwise low social standing. Women on the other hand were expected to be virgins until marriage and then to have sex only with their husbands.

If a Roman man were caught having sex with an unmarried daughter of a citizen his punishment could be anything from confiscation of property, banishment from Rome, to death at the hands of an angry father. That same Roman father could also kill his daughter if he so chose. Likewise a Roman man caught with a married woman might have to pay a fine or pay with his life.

Married women who were caught in the act would be tortured or killed, often in horrific ways. Public punishments, like being raped by a donkey, canine or monkey in the Coliseum were definitely practiced.

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to tie the corpse of the victim to his back during every activity until the murderer was infected by the body and died as a result

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There were no punishments for killing a cat in ancient Rome.

The killing of a cat caused anger from the Egyptian crowd, which was liable to clamour for punishment by death.

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Q: What was the roman punishment for adultery?
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