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i think that its the 5th -15th century ( wel that's what wiki said , lol!)

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Q: What was the time century when medieval times igsisted?
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What is the time period of the Medieval Times?

The medieval times date from the 5th century ( fall of the western roman empire) to the 16th century in the beginning of the early modern period.

How much time passed between the Medieval times and the 19th century?


When is medieval?

a time period basicly from the 6th century to the sixteenth century.

What century is the Legend of Zelda Ocraina of Time in?

Because it takes place in the fictional land of Hyrule, it does not take place in any specific century. However, it is usually associated with the medieval times.

What armor in medieval times did the knights use?

That depends on the time period. Officially, the medieval period lasted from the 11th century through to the 16th century. In this time, armour evolved from simple maille, to transitional plate, and finally, the full plate harness. If you can give a more specific century, I'll be able to give specific styles of armour.

The dates of the medieval period are?

what are the events in historical dates

What was the time frame in Inkheart?

the medieval times

What is the time period before the renaissance called?

The time period before the Renaissance was the Middle Ages, or Medieval period. The Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.

Are unicorns imaginary animals from Medieval Times?

Unicorns have been around for a long time, so they were around in medieval times, but no, they were not and are not just imaginary.

What time was castle made in medieval times?

1066 onwards

When were medieval houses built?

The Middle Ages are usually dated as lasting from the 5th century to the 15th century in Europe. Any house built in that time and place would be medieval.

Why did they have such harsh devices in medieval times?

It was a harsh time and the things they used reflect that time.