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As the threats from enemies started to dwindle, the need for castles and protection from knights, lords, etc also started to fall. Those who were serfs and worked the land began to own their own land. The knights and Lords had nothing else to do (no wars to lead, battles to plan, etc) so they stayed home and became more and more educated, bringing the age of enlightenment or the renaissance. The Catholic Church decided to support this movement to understand the world better than before. The Churches set up Universities for men to study their respective fields and others to study under those "professors." The establishment of the University was mainly the responsibility of the Catholic Church.

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originally, universities emerged to train clergy, but they expanded due to the Crusades, which brought an influx of classical ideas from the east, as well as knowledge from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, as a money economy developed, and nations grew, young people needed training for jobs in the bureaucracy.

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cathedral schools gave rise to universities starting in the 1200s.

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The earliest studia arose out of the efforts to educate the clerks and monks beyond the level of cathedral and monastic schools.

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Q: What were the forces behind the rise of medieval universities?
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