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The Romans revolutionised and improved British agriculture. They introduced better farming methods. They introduced vegetables (asparagus, cabbages, carrots, celery, garlic, leeks, onions, peas, radishes, turnips, shallots) herbs (bay, basil, rosemary, thyme and savoury mint and herbs that were used in brewing and for medicinal purposes). They also introduced new and more productive grains which made bread became important in the British diet. They brought white cattle, brown hare, chickens, guinea fowl, pheasants, and rabbits were probably introduced as farmyard animals. The fruit they introduced included apples (as opposed to crab apples), grapes, cherries, mulberries and Pears. They also brought walnuts and sweet chestnuts.

The Romans also introduced new and more efficient manufacturing processes and mining technology and increased trade with the rest of the Roman Empire. Britannia exported metals (, lead, iron, copper, gold,and sliver), salt, oysters and some types of pottery. British woollen products were considered the best in the Empire. It imported coins, pottery, quern-stones, silverwork, brass products, glassware, olives and olive oil, and salted fish.

The Romans built roads and services needed by travellers, new towns, baths, theatres and amphitheatres and fortifications. The British elites became romanised.

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the cons were that there was a war. The pros were that they gave us roads and food

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Q: What were the pros of the Romans invading Britain?
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Why did the Romans move to the British isles?

Romans changed Britain dramatically by invading all main part of the UK. This meant that homes were lost, family and also friends were lost. Therefore, Britain fell to pieces.

Who forced the Romans out of Britain?

It is thought that no one forced the Romans out of Britain. It is just that when waves of invading hordes were attacking Rome the Emperor at the time felt that he wanted his armies closer to the center of his Empire (not that it helped) and when the armies withdrew then most of the Romans living in Britain did too. Although some are thought to have stayed for many years afterwards.

How can we convert this in passive voice the Romans invaded Britain?

Britain was invaded by the Romans.

What happened in Germany and Britain in 1914?

Britain delcared war on Germany for invading Belgium.

The Romans ruled Britain for in years?

The Romans ruled Britain for about 350 years.

When The Romans invaded Britain in?

The Romans first invaded Britain in 55 BC. In 43 AD they officially annexed it. In this nearly 100 year span, Romans were living in and trading with Britain.

Were the Romans around in Britain in the 11th -15th century?

No they were not. The Romans left Britain in the late 5th century.

The approximate time romans ruled britain?

The Romans ruled over Britain from 43 CE - 410 CE.

Who brought sugar to Britain?

The Romans brought sugar to Britain. Before the Romans, people in Britain used honey, and other sweet foods as sweeteners.

Why did the English revolt in the civil war?

because the scotttish where invading Britain

When did Roman Britain start?

The Romans arrived in Britain in 55AD.

Did the Romans really invade Britain or were they there before that through coins language and trading?