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Unless she were a member of Royalty and there were (largely symbolic like Betty Grable on a tank in modern times) Battle Queens in those days, any would-be Girl Knight would be in plenty of hot (including hot holy) water! The olower her status insociety the rougher the punitive tract, though chivalry inspired a high respect for ladies who would be usually of the Noble class- fit for Knights, and barons and higher ups to take up as wives, etc. One interesting thing polygamy was rare inthe dark Ages though the moslems espoused it. (Four Queens!) Among the nobillity , LADIES DID TAKE PART in campaigns and affairs of state and there were modified maritla get-up for them, if they were of the nobility to begin with.. Joan of Arc was (Damed) after the battle of Rheims so she couldn"t easily lose her stripes , or rather fleurs de lis, but women doingmen"s jobs was generally a punishable offense and one would assume especially peasants and low-lifers, not doen under penalty. The baroness say, De Bayonne could don armor and ride with the troops, but plain Jane from Green acres fields- forget about it! There is some evidence that unlike cross-dressing-always a taboo, there were Female Spies inthe middle ages some would abuse their protective status, being totally off-base and possibly a capital crime to kill a womanin the field. Oh, (fictional) I am Lady Tatiiana of Moscow- I bear diplomatic papers- any roght swtufdf and a w3ar could break out if a female messenger (called Pages, some may have had armor- and diamond device signifying Female gender- were roughed up by the Male gentry, especially Palace guards and staff. women were at least by Christians treated with high esteem and respect.-but any low life Jane donning the equialnet of levis, no way! the higher ups have more latittude, as in any society- Noblesse Oblige! In Both senses, not merely the Rockefeller-Bilko.

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Q: What will happen to a woman if she disguised as a man back in the old days?
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