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It can be found at the village shoppe. Click on the "path to village" option from your dashboard. This will show you the pathway. Click on the sign and go to the village shoppe.

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Q: Where do you get bolt of cloth on Sims Medieval?
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What is 40 yards of cloth called?

in medieval times a standard bolt of cloth was 40 cloth-yards (37 inches) in length

Is The Sims Medieval the Sims 4?

No, The Sims Medieval is not The Sims 4, it is a stand-alone game.

When did The Sims Medieval happen?

The Sims Medieval happened in 2011.

Do you need sims medieval to play pirates and nobles?

Yes you do. The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is an add on to the Sims Medieval :)

Do you need The Sims 3 to play The Sims Medieval on PC?

no, the sims 3 and the sims medieval are completely separate games :)

What game systems are for sims medieval?

The Sims Medieval is only available on the PC

When was The Sims Medieval created?

The Sims Medieval was created on 2011-03-22.

Does The Sims medieval require The Sims 1?

Fortunately, Sims Medieval is not an expansion pack. It will not require the original CD.

When Does The sims medieval come out for Mac?

The Sims Medieval is for PC and MAc. So, it is already out.

How to get the Sims medieval working When i try to launch the Sims medieval it says Sims medieval launcher isn't working?

for my answer it does it to me saying error probable the server is doing maintence

What version of Sims is Sims Medieval for?

This expansion pack is for The Sims 3.

Is there royalty in Sims 3?

There is no "royalty" in The Sims 3. There are however nobles/kings/queens and such in the Sims Medieval, which is very much like Sims 3 but during Medieval times.