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The medieval bailiff often resided in the manor house. These people were responsible for the running of the manor, the control of the peasants and any other details the lord of the manor assigned to them. Bailiffs sometimes came from the families of lesser nobility.

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Bailiffs were people that were responsible for upholding the decisions made by a lordâ??s court. This term was penned by the Normans for people that the Saxons otherwise referred to as reeves. Bailiffs lived in their lordâ??s castle.

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Q: Where does a medieval bailiff live?
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A Bailiff is a an officer in a medieval village, appointed by the lord or his steward, who was in charge of overseeing the agricultural work of a manor.

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The bailiff was appointed by the lord to collect rent from tenants on the manor. he supervised the services due to the lord from his tenants. he also represented the peasants to the lord. he helped oversee the peasants work, and managed the day-to-day profits and expenses of the manor

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