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Hannibal is believed to have been born in Carthage, in what is now Tunisia.

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Q: Where in North Africa was Hannibal born in?
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Which country did Hannibal belong to?

The Military leader Hannibal was born in Carthage, now Spain.

Who was Hannibal the warrior and where was he born?

Hannibal Barca was the son of General Hamilcar Barca of Carthage, Africa. He was born in 247 B.C. in Carthage, Africa. Hannibal had two brothers who joined him in battle against Rome, Italy. They were Hasdrubal Barca and Magos Barca. In an effort to surprise and overtake the city of Rome, during the dead of winter, Hannibal took 50 elephants and 50,000 agile warrior over the ice-covered Pyrenees Mountains. Against hostile mountain tribes and horrible wintry conditions, Hannibal made his way into Northern Italy.Review the Print-on-demand paperback and/or the ebook by Joseph Peebles, "Hannibal: The Ultimate Warrior. Bad to the Bone" for the complete story. This book is available at:Apple iTunes.comAmazon.comBarnes & Nobles.comKobo.comGoogle BooksSony BooksAnd a giant list of other paperback and ebook carriers.

What animal did the Romans introduce in North Africa?

North Africa already had the animals which existed in southern Europe. The process was the other way round. The Romans imported animals form north Africa and beyond: the Barbary lions and the Atlas bears of north Africa, elephants, rhinos and giraffes form deeper in Africa.

What nationality was Hannibal?

Hannibal was a Carthaginian.Carthage and Rome were the two great powers of the last two centuries BC, and since both depended on control of the Mediterranean (Rome for food, Carthage for trade) there was an inevitable rivalry between them, which Roman politicians regularly converted into open war.Usually Rome's more militaristic and centralised government led to Roman victories in these wars, but in 216 BC during the Second Punic War (Punic means Carthaginian) Hannibal developed a strategy which trapped, immobilised, and then destroyed the largest army Rome had ever mustered at the battle of Cannae.Rome should have been finished as a military power after Cannae, but a combination of bluff, misdirection, and political legerdemain by Quintus Fabius Maximus Cunctator(Quintus Fabius Maximus the timewaster) stopped Hannibal from destroying Rome until the army had time to regroup.Once the Roman army had regrouped, the Roman General Scipio Africanus landed an expeditionary force in north Africa and in turn defeated Hannibal at the battle of Zama - using a combination of bribery of the Carthaginian allies and a variation of Hannibal's own tactics at Cannae.Hannibal is considered to be one of the greatest strategists of the Ancient World - comparable to Alexander the Great and Themistocles - while the way that he could destroy Rome as a credible military force, yet still eventually lose the war, has been one of the most difficult lessons for military theorists ever since.

Who wrote Hannibal?

Thomas Harris

Related questions

Where is Hannibal from?

Carthage, North Africa, he belonged to the Moorish empire.

Where is general Hannibal from?

Carthage, north Africa, he belonged to the Moorish empire.

Where did Publius Cornelius Scipio defeat Hannibal?

Zama, in North Africa.

What battle defeated Hannibal?

Battle of Zama in North Africa in 202 BCE.

Where was Hannibal successful?

In Italy until recalled to defend Carthage in North Africa.

The city of Hannibal's located in what state?

Carthage was located in North Africa, presently Tunisia.

How rome got Hannibal to leave Italy?

By invading North Africa, Rome forced Hannibal to pull out of Italy so he could defend Carthage.

Where did the battle of Scipio Africanus and Hannibal Barca take place?

Scipio and Hannibal faced off in the battle of Zama, in North Africa. Scipio won.

How did Scipio force Hannibal to leave Italy?

He invaded North Africa, threatening Carthage. Hannibal had to return from Italy threatening Rome to defend Carthage.

Why did Hannibal go back to North Africa in 203 b.c?

He was a citizen of Carthage, on the African coast, who spent years fighting against the Romans and who occupied northern Italy for a time seeking a truce with the Romans. The Romans were tricky and thought if they attacked Carthage that Hannibal would be forced to leave Italy and return to North Africa to defend is homeland. The trick worked and Hannibal returned to North Africa. He left his elephants in the care of several Zoos in Italy.

What did Hannibal use to attack Rome in the Punic Wars?

Mercenary soldiers recruited in North Africa, Spain and Gaul.

Who led the attack against Rome in 218 BC from north Africa?

Hannibal lead the Carthaginian attack against Rome in 218BC.