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Q: Which of the following EXCEPT were created or invented during the early Middle Ages?
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What did the middle colonies and southern colonies shared all of the following grievances except?

All of the following states make up the middle colonies Except:

Which country in the middle east was created as a home to the Jewish people following World War 2?

Israel was created for that reason.

How do you make metal amour in minecraft?

You need to make it on a crafting table. Use multiple ingots of the metal you want to use in the following patterns: Chestplate: all except the top middle square Leggings: all except the center and lower middle squares boots: lower left and right, and middle left and right helmet: all top row and middle row left and right

When was the whip invented?

The whip was invented during the Middle Ages.

During the late middle ages Spain did all the following except a.recnquer Muslim areas. b.expel Jews c.protect catholicism d.invade England?

D. Invade England

When was Alderwood Middle School created?

Edenwood Middle School was created in 1982.

What history age was the catapult invented?

The catapult was invented in the Middle Age.

Why was the Middle East invented?

It wasn't invented. It's always been there.

What inventions were inspired by the tin can?

The can opener. The tin can was invented in the late 17 hundreds but it was not until the middle 18 hundreds that people invented something to open them. Before this, the cans were made of very thick iron and impervious to almost any opener except a hammer and chisel.

When was Middle Department created?

Middle Department was created in 1862.

When was The Middle Way created?

The Middle Way was created in 1938.

When was Middle Plantation created?

Middle Plantation was created in 1632.