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Q: Which of the two brothers named the city of rome after himself?
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How did ancient Rome gets its name?

Rome was named after the mythological character Romulus whom the Romans believed to be the founder of Rome in 753 B.C.E. here is the short verson of the story. There were 2 brothers, Romulus and Remus. they wanted to build a little city. they fought about where to put it. in anger, Romulus killed Remus. he was the 1st king of rome and named it after himself.

Who was the city rome named after?

Rome was named after Romulus.

Why was rome named after Romulus?

Most of the records of Rome were written by Plutarch. It is unknown exactly how Rome was named because most of the history is shrouded in myth and legend. However, theoretically, Rome is named for the god Romulus.

Who is the Rome named after?

Rome is named after Romulus, the mythological founder of the city.

According to the myth of the founding of Rome which brother was killed in a fight between the twins?

According to Roman myth, Romulus and Remus were brothers. But in a disagreement over the founding of their city, Romulus killed Remus, and so the city named for him became Rome.

Who helped make Rome a city?

Rome was founded by Romulus on 21 April 753 BC. It is said that Romulus and Remus decided to build a city. After an argument, Romulus killed his brother Remus. Then he named it after himself, Rome.

What city are romulus and Remus said to have found?

Romulusand Remus were the twin brothers of thelegendof the foundation of Rome. Only Romulus founded the city of Rome. The brothers had a dispute over whether to found it on the Palatine Hill or the Aventine Hill. Romulus won the dispute and built a wall around the palatine Hill which became the nucleus of Rome.

Who is the city of rome named after?

It origin of the name Rome is unclear, but it's commonly believed that Rome was named after Romulus, the mythological founder of the city.

Did Remus build Rome?

The most popular myth of the founding of the Rome credits twin brothers Romulus and Remus with founding the city in 753BCE, but Remus was killed during a quarrel with his brother and the city was named Rome, a contraction of Romulus’ name, after it was built.

Was Rome named after Romulus?

Rome was named after Romulus because he was the mythological founder of the city.

Who is was Rome named after in legend?

Rome, was named after Romulus, who according to legend founded the city.

How was ancient rome found?

There were two brothers, Rome and Romulus. They had no parents accept for a she-wolf. They found a farm, and parents that would adopt them. They had a fight and Rome killed Romulus. Then Rome founded the Roman Kingdom and named it after himself. He was the first king, but later, Rome became an empire.