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The Vikings had the least effect on Muslims in the Middle Ages.

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Q: Which region did the Vikings have the least effect on in the Middle Ages?
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Who were the earliest Europeans to explore the western hemisphere?

Evidence points towards early 11th century Vikings, but some coins found point back even farther to the Romans . Yet, the coins could have been dropped by the Vikings because they did raid areas of Roman Britian. The Vikings were at least 500 years before Columbus.

What were scientists in the middle ages called?

In the Middle Ages, most people were serfs. Some were nobles. A few were people of the middle class, between serfs and noble. There were clergy, who were considered classless, at least in theory.

Where is holy land located in middle ages?

The Holy Land generally refers to the geographical region of the Levant called Land of Canaan or Land of Israel in the Bible, and constitutes the Promised land. This area, or sites within it, hold significant religious importance to at least four monotheistic Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá'í Faith. Part of its sanctity stems from the religious significance of Jerusalem, the holiest city to Judaism, the third-holiest to Islam, and part of the proposed Christian Pentarchy.

Why was Europe ready for change at the end of the middle ages?

I think it was not a matter of Europe being ready for change. The Middle Ages did not suddenly end and a new age begin. The dates used for the end of the Middle Ages range from 1400 to as late as 1517. The dates for the beginning the Renaissance range back as far as about 1300, with some historians giving dates related to the life of Dante, who lived from 1265 to 1321. The end of the Middle Ages was not a revolutionary event, but an evolutionary process. The rise of Italian communes and republican city states, the rise of guilds, the growing importance of towns and cities, the rise of the Hanseatic League, and the rise of the middle class all preceded the end of the Middle Ages, as did a long list of technological advances. These things contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance, and gradually brought the Middle Ages to an end. Clearly there were events that contributed, such as the destruction of the Knights Templar, which created a demand for banks, and the Black Death, but the general trends that brought the Middle Ages to an end can be seen going back for centuries. Guilds existed at the very beginning of the Middle Ages. There was at least one school in Wales, Cor Tewdws, that opened before the Middle Ages started and closed after it ended, and other primary and secondary schools were being opened from the sixth century at the latest. The universities started opening in the eleventh century, with the opening of the University of Bologna, but it was clear that the opening of universities was merely a formalization of something that had been going on for at least decades. Venice was a republic from the seventh century. The world started to move past the Middle Ages, I think, before Charlemagne was even born.

Where did a medieval cobbler live?

Every village needed at least one cobbler to make shoes for the residents. Most probably lived upstairs over their shops, or had their shop in their homes. The cobbler would have lived near the middle of town, with all the other small tradesmen.

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Who did the Vikings have the least effect on the middle age?

The Vikings had the least effect on Muslims in the Middle Ages.

Which region did the viking have the least effect on the middle ages?


What region did the vikings have the least effect on in the middle ages?

The Vikings had the least effect on Muslims in the Middle Ages.

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