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Jupiter (greek - Zeus), his mood controls the weather.

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Q: Which roman god controlled the weather?
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Jupiter is the name of what roman god?

The Planet Jupiter is named after the roman god Jove is the roman name for Zeus. Zeus is the most powerful god of all.

Controlled the weather and has a planet named after him?

Jupiter is the name of the Roman god who controlled the weather by his often volatile moods, and as the leader of the Greco/Roman gods, it is fitting that the largest planet in our solar system was named after him by early, Mediterranean astronomers. However, most of the Roman gods' mythos were adapted from preexisting Greek gods' mythos, in which the name of this god was Zeus. When the Romans adopted the gods and goddesses of the Greeks as their own, they certainly changed all the names to fit within their language. Unlike their names, the stories, or mythos, of each god or goddess remained relatively unchanged, and survived the Roman adaptation. ~ TCK, AZ

What was the Greek god Jupiter god of?

Zeus Roman counterpart!!god of the sky.Also known as Zeus, he was the king of gods, and the god of sky, weather, law, and fate

How weather can be controlled?

Bu using the Weather Modificator

What is the 8 planets name?

The name of the 8th planet is Neptune. Also known as a roman god who controlled over the oceans and seas.

What is Neptune the Roman god of?

The Roman God Neptune is the God of the sea.

Who controlled the roman senate?

I did.

Who is the Worst Roman god?

There is no Roman god for "worse".

Why is important to control the weather?

Weather cannot be controlled, only predicted (imperfectly).

What god roman name is mars?

Mars was a Roman god. He was the God of War.

What was Vulcan the Roman god of?

In Roman mythology, he is the blacksmith god, or the god of the forges.

Are you sure that ROMAN god discovered Jupiter?

"ROMAN god" did not discover Jupiter. it is named after roman god...JUpiter