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The roman colloseum was built by the Romans during the Flavian Dynasty. The Flavian dynasty was a period of peace and prosperity that lasted from 69 AD till 96 AD. Emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian ruled during this dynasty and directed the construction of the great colloseum.

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Three Flavian emperors Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian built it. It was started in AD 72 and finished in AD 80.

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As it is called Amphitheatrum Flavium, we know that Vespasian started to build it in AD 72. it was finished in AD 80, during the rule of Titus.

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Vespasian in 72 AD and it was completed like 80 AD

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The Colosseum's construction was started between 70 and 72 AD under the emperor Vespasian and was completed in 80 AD under the emperor Titus.

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Q: Who built the Colosseum that is in Rome?
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When was the Coliseum in Rome first built?

The Colosseum which could hold an estimated 80,000 patrons, was completed in 70 AD. The emperors Vespasian and Titus are given credit for its construction. It remains the largest amphitheater in the world and was a crowning achievement of Roman architecture.

Where is the colloseum?

The Colloseum is located in Europe, Italy, it was a theater where gladiators fought and people watched. It was built sometime during A.D. but with the earthquakes and fires it is damaged. It is getting rebuilt next month. It might take 3 years to finish.

How did the Romans build the Roman colosseum?

The Colosseum was called the Flavian amphitheatre because it was the vision of Emperor Vespasian, first Emperor of the Flavian dynasty. It was the first stadium that was covered. They could pull a huge tent on top with a big hole in the middle for the light. Each arch had a huge statue. The external surface of the colosseum had sheets of pink marble; the same marble that Saint Peter basilica is built!. The reason why is in ruins, it is principally due to the later Romans that used the building material of the colosseums to build villas around Rome until a pope declared whomever would take more building material from the colosseum will be sent to death. The looting stopped! The Colosseum was built with a mixture of concrete, bricks and limestone. Only the base of the building was made of stone, because if the entire building was constructed of stone it would have collapsed under it's own weight. Arches were used extensively in the construction because it is the only effective way of safely supporting the still extreme weight of the building. There were 240 in the external section of the building alone. Of course, the work was all carried out by huge numbers of skilled and unskilled workers - some estimates put half the population of Rome connected in some way with the construction.

Where is the arch of Constantine located?

The arch of Constantine is in the city of Rome, next to the Colosseum.

Why is the colosseum called the colosseum?

The Colossus of Rome was a statue of Nero outside of the amphitheatre. Roman citizens would refer to the area by that statue. "Let's go to the Coleseo (Colossus)" really referred to the amphitheatre and the statue which was immediately outside of the amphitheatre. Over time the amphitheatre came to be known as the Colosseum.

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What city was the Colosseum built in?


Who built the Coliseum of Rome?

The Colosseum was built by emperor Vespasian.

What amphitheater built in 75 ad in rome?

The Colosseum.

The colosseum and aqueducts were built in which city?

The Colosseum and 11 aqueducts were built in the city of Rome. There were also aqueductsthroughoutthe Roman Empire.

Where was the roman colosseum built?

The Colosseum was built in Rome on the site of the Emperor Nero's residence. It was originally known as the Flavian Ampitheater for the Roman Dynasty that built it.

Was the Colosseum built by the Romans?

Yes, and it is bang in the middle of the city of Rome.

Why isn't the Colosseum in Greece?

Because it is built in the city of Rome, in Italy. It is not in Greece.

What was the name of the huge structure in Rome where gladiator fights were held?

Contests between gladiators were held in the Colosseum.

Where in Rome was the Colosseum built?

The Colosseum was originally built on the site of Nero's palace, the Domus Aurea. This was done by Emperor Vespasian in order to disassociate himself from Nero, who was hated. It is in the center of modern day Rome just east of the Forum.

What building was built in Rome in 80 AD that was oval and a portion of it stands today?

The colosseum

Is the colosseum in Rome?

Yes, the Colosseum is in the city of Rome.

Who was the colosseum built by?

It was built by the Rome. It was said to be the grandest of gladiatorial arenas in the Roman Empire. It still stands today.