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The serfs were the poorest people in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages there were also homeless people and abandoned children/women so they could be considered the poorest. They lived in the streets and would go to the rivers/coasts to pick up discarded items and garbage.

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Serfs and peasants. These people worked on farms that were owned by the nobility.

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Q: Who is in lower class in middle ages?
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What was the name of the upper class during the middle ages?

the middle class was the freetowners, it goes POPE KING NOBLES KNIGHTS FREETOWNERS PEASANTS SERFS The Middle Class rose during the Middle Ages in Europe for a variety of reasons. First of these reasons is that the workers became richer in the aftermath of the Black Death. Secondly, education in Europe was greatly improved with the invention of the Printing Press. Thirdly, the formation of banking greatly improved the economy in favour of the Middle Class. Lastly, the formation of medieval republics benefited the Middle Class. The Middle class consisted of Freetowners, people below the knights and nobles but above peasants and serfs...

As the middle ages ended the rise of a middle class in western europe can be attributed partly to the?


Was the nun in middle class during the medieval ages?

There was no particular class associated with nuns in the Middle Ages. Nuns were not technically members of the clergy, even if they were highly educated. They could have come from backgrounds that were peasant, noble, or even royal. But technically, they had no class. Perhaps this would make them fit some definitions of the middle class, but middle class implies things that do not fit well with what a nun was.

Why did armor and therefore knighthood represent a higher social class?

because he was born into the middle ages

What social class were carpenters in middle ages?

During the Middle Ages, artists were mostly independent craftsmen. This put them outside the much talked about structure of medieval social classes, which consisted of peasants, nobles, and clergy. Along with merchants, craftsmen were what we would call middle class, a group most medieval social theorists chose to ignore when they wrote about the structure of feudalism.

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What is the job of a gatekeeper in the middle ages?

Lower Class

What was merchant class in the middle ages?

Middle class

What does a red sparrow mean?

The red sparrow symbolizes freedom. In the middle ages, the red sparrow signified the people of the lower to middle class in Europe.

How did the lower class contribute to politics during the Middle Ages?

They farmed land for the lords on a manor and in return they got protection

Identify the title of the middle class people of roman society?

Plebeians - more to the lower class/lower middle class Equestrians - middle class only

What social class emerged with the growth of trade during the middle ages?

A middle class

Who would be considered members of the middle class in a medieval society?

Lower nobility, some clergy and most knights were considered to be members of the middle class in medieval society during the Middle Ages. Often, these people were richer than those classified as upper class.

What are the Six class model by kahl Gilbert weber?

upper class, upper middle class, lower middle class, lower class, working class and

What was the worst class in the middle ages?

a servant

What were the classes of ancient rome in the middle ages?

The Plebians were the lowest class The Equestrians were in the middle Then the highest class was the Patrician class.

What best explains growth of the middle class in Europe?

There was no middle class in Europe in the middle ages. People were either very rich or very poor. Towards the late middle ages a merchant class did develop, but this couldn't be called "middle class". The concept of a middle class is a modern idea and actually began to develop after the industrial revolution.

What was the upper class during the middle ages?