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Scorpion got revenge and killed subzero. after Liu Kang defeated Goro, Scorpion battled and killed Subzero. His soul descended into the 5th plane of the netherrealm, and he was reborn as the wraith, Noob Saibot.

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Q: Who killed subzero?
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What is the meaning of subzero?

The meaning of subzero is: any temperature lower than zero.

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Is subzero and scorpion cousins?

no, scorpion is sub-zeros brother and smoke is scorpions , cousin and noob is subzeros brother and scorpion and rain is cousin. but rain was scorpions uncle but he died so rains child be rain and the child was scorpions cousin ....

Are scorpion and sub-zero brothers?

No. Subzero Was Slayn Bye Scorpion Turning Him into Noob But Noobs Brother Took His Place as The New Subzero Bound To Pureify His Brothers Dark Soul... ( noob's Soul ) Noob = Subzero's Brother So The Original Subzero is Now Noob The Subzero in #2 is His Brother Wrong. Sub-Zero killed Scorpion, Scorpion comes back from hell to get revenge on Sub-Zero. No youre wrong. The first guy was wright wrong, im gay. the person who said Sub-Zero killed Scorpion, Scorpion comes back from hell to get revenge on Sub-Zero. your right because in MC vs DCU scorpion is the hell guy yea yea and he comes back to destroy sub-zero as in chapter `1 with lui kang scorpion say " NO you let him get away again~! now you will suffer my wrath. Actually acorrding to the game there was a sub zero that killed scorpion then Quan chi ressurected him then scorpion killed sub zero. Then sub zeros brother noob became the new subzero which scorpion is currently trying to kill.

How can you use subzero in a sentence?

Okay people here's an answer in math we learned that the Latin word sub in subzero ment under so we learned what subzero ment there u go :-D

What does the word subzero mean?

Below zero such as in temperature and a funny thing is that SubZero is a character from the Mortal Kombat series.

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raiden could win but subzero could also win lightning might be better than ice but subzero could freeze him up and and punch him into crystals

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Everything they use a regular refrigerator for. Subzero is a type of refrigerator, but it is also a brand of refrigerator. They are basically what they sound like, a refrigerator/freezer that reaches and hold subzero temperatures.

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Love Cheerios

What scrabble words have ZERO in it?


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