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Caesar Antony and pompey

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dante, boccacio and petrarch

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Q: Who were the members of Rome's First Triumverate?
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Who was in the triumverate with Caesar?

I do not no

What is a Government led by three men?


Who started Romes first government?


What group of citizens were members of romes noble families?

consuls were because they had the most power and they had to be in charge

What was romes first code of laws was the?

Twelve tables

What was romes first overseas province?

Punic War

Who was in the second triumverate?

Julius Caesar, Marcus Lepidus, and Mark Antony.

Julius Caesar's life are listed in the correct chronological order?

A: first triumverate, Caesar crosses the Rubicon, Civil War, Caesar becomes dictator.

What was romes first law code called?

Roman Republic

What were romes first written legal codes?

twelve tables

Who was Rome's first consul?

Brutus was romes first consul

Where is the location of Capitoline Hill?

The location of Capitoline hill is in Rome. Capitoline hill is the smallest of Romes seven hills, it is also where Romes first and holiest churches were built.