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Q: Who would not allow Roman culture to have an influence on them?
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The although conquered by Romans would not allow Roman culture to have an influence on them.The although conquered by Romans would not allow Roman culture to have an influence on them.?

Greeks to a small extent. The Jews were another major group to resist Roman culture.

Which culture has the most influence on renaissance humanism?

There is two culture that is most influenced on renaissance humanism. The to main cultures would be Greek and Roman.

Which two ancient civilizations profoundly influenced Western Culture?

The three ancient civilisations that most profoundly influenced modern Western culture would probably be Rome, which gave us its empire; Greece, which gave us its philosophy and ideals; and Judea, which gave us Christianity.

What is Julius Caesar's culture?

Julius Caesar was a Roman so his culture would be Roman.

Did Ares have a relationship with a god or goddess in another culture?

Mars would be the name in the Roman culture for the God of War.

What If the historian wanted to use contextualization to better understand the Colosseum actions would he take?

(Apex) Study ancient Roman culture to learn more about Roman attitudes toward violence and slavery.

How Romans interior design influence today?

The presence of interior arched arcades and neo-classical statues or busts would indicate a Roman influence.

How did Marc Antony and Cleopatra influenced the culture of their nations?

Neither one of them really influenced the culture of their nations. Antony was an ordinary Roman politician who got his position due to Julius Caesar. He followed the set procedure of a Roman aristocrat by studying in Greece, joining the army and entering politics. His name would just be another on the roll of Roman consuls if Caesar had not been assassinated and Antony, as Caesar's co-consul, thrown into the historical spotlight. His fortunes and misfortunes after Caesar's death did not cause him to influence Roman culture in any way. Cleopatra, too, did not really influence Egyptian culture. Although an ethnic Greek, she was Egyptian culturally. Her family had ruled for over three hundred years and she was totally emerged in Egypt, She spoke the language, followed its religion, and ruled according the the Egyptian method of nones. She made no changes nor did she introduce any new customs.

Do you think The roman culture would be considered civilized?

yes very much so

How does language influence culture?

well knowing a language could mean it influences the culture because if you speak the language it seems like you would know the culture

Definition of Greco-roman culture?

I would define it as the type of civilization developed by the Greeks and later practiced by the Romans, in the Mediterranean area, from circa 500 BC to circa 500 AD. Art, architecture, literature, science, and the concept of self-government flourished with Greco-Roman civilization. It had some advantages over the civilizations that preceded it, and some advantages over the civilizations that followed it.

How did the Roman Catholic Church influence art and architecture?

To answer your question, you would have to specify which Catholics you are talking about, in which century, and which country.