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Knights had no reason not to wear clothes under their armor. In fact they wore more than clothes, as they also had layers of padding, usually made of cloth, to cushion the blows they received and prevent themselves from being hurt if the armor dented.

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Q: Why did a knight wear clothes under armor?
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What clothes did they wear in medieval times?

The King wore his crown, and the knignts wore their armor. Shepherds wore sheep skins, or clothes like a farmer. The barters also wear skinned animals and sold them a lot.

What did a vassal wear in medieval times?

what a vassal wore depended on his current state in a certain place. For exmple, he could be a knight in one town and wear armor, or a peasant in another and wear simple wool tunics.

Did Romans wear armor?

yes they did

What kind of armor and equipment did a knight use?

"Among the earliest metallic armor to be worn by medieval knights was chainmail armor, consisting of tens of thousands of interlocking rings woven painstakingly by hand to form a shirt, coif, or leggings. Because of the mild steel produced in medieval times each ring had to be riveted to keep all the rings from spreading and opening under the weight of the piece. Underneath the metal armor the knight would wear a padded garment known variously as an "aketon," or "gambeson." To this defensive equipment he added a shield, usually made of leather-covered wood, and a helmet. As the medieval arms race progressed and new, more powerful weapons were developed (such as the longbow and crossbow), chainmail became ineffective on its own." "Late in the Middle Ages plate armor began to appear (ca. late 13th/early 14th century), first as reinforcements to vital areas such as the chest and shoulders, and finally as a complete suit (ca. early 15th century). The medieval "knight in shining armor" that most people think of is the fully plate-armored knight. Chainmail armor was now relegated to protecting smaller vital areas that could not be covered with plate armor, such as the groin and under the arms. The shield became smaller, or disappeared altogether as it became unnecessary and redundant."

What Togas did Romans wear into battle?

They wore armor over something... So just a normal toga with armor on top. Now, seriously, how in the world could anyone go into battle wearing a toga? Those things were made for standing and moving very sedately, not for the rigorous movements of battle. Togas were formal masculine wear. In battle the soldier would wear his armor over a quilted under tunic called a subarmalis.

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