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Knights had no reason not to wear clothes under their armor. In fact they wore more than clothes, as they also had layers of padding, usually made of cloth, to cushion the blows they received and prevent themselves from being hurt if the armor dented.

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No, only in battle and for tournaments. Just image trying to sleep in armour!

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a knight dressed alright I suppose. Shaggy dresses are the way to go.

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A knight commonly wore a helmet and a suit of mail, which is interlocking chains of metal that formed the knight's shirt and leggings. The knight's equipment included shields and longbows.

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Q: How did a knight dress and what equipment did he have?
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A dress

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How did a knight dress and what type of equipment did he have?

im not exactly sure about what they wore,but i do kno that they wore chainmail.and used longbows,daggers,shields,catapults,and swords:) cuz im sure its better than the answer before it

How much was a knight's armor and equipment cost?


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What type of equipment is a knight responsible for maintaining in the middle ages?

You would have needed a good horse that is able to kick, bite and hurt people for when your in battle.

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Who would dress a knight in his armor?

Their Squire or a number of servants most probably.

What equipment is needed to become a knight?

To become a knight, one would need armor such as a helmet, breastplate, gauntlets, and greaves for protection in battle. Additionally, a knight would need a sword, shield, and possibly a lance for combat. Training in horsemanship and combat skills would also be essential.

What is trappings in dictionary?

Trappings are articles of equipment or dress, of an ornamental type

What type of equipment is a knight responsible for maintaining?

To be clear, a knight often had a number of squires and pages to maintain his equipment for him. Though the knight himself probably had some hand in maintenance, a lot of it was dirty work, best suited for people of a lower social class. Some examples of equipment they had to maintain were weapons (swords, spears, lances, etc.), shields, armor, horses, fine clothes, and food preparation equipment/supplies, among other things.

What is the squires job?

The main job of a squire is to:1, Learn to fight2, Dress their knight for battles3, Clean the knights armourBut the Squire has to do this until he is 18-21 when he can be dubbed as a knight.