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Q: Why did vassals have to serve lords?
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Why did vassals have to server lords?

Vassals served lords in exchange for protection and land rights. In the feudal system, vassals pledged loyalty and military service to their lords in return for the lord's support and the ability to use and cultivate land on the lord's estate.

What is a vassalage?

Vassalage is the relationship between the feudal lord and his vassal. Kings had higher lords as vassals, and higher lords had lower lords as vassals. The practice was called subinfeudation.

What three obligations did vassals owed by their lords?

Vassals and their lords were in a system of mutual support. The vassals owed military support, oaths of loyalty, and oats of obedience. The lords provided guarantees of land, a place to live, and military protection.

What would describe the relationship between lords and vassals?

Patriarchal and exploitative. Lords were supposed to look after their vassals, hence the patriarchal relationship, but at the same time, they used their vassals for resources.

What do the vassals do for their lords?

they helped because they wanted land

What were the lesser lords in a feudal system known as?


What did lords grant land to vassals in exchange for?


What words describe the relationship with the lords and vassals?

Master and servant.

What was one pormsie vassals made to their lord in the feudal contract?

The lords promised to give their vassals protection and fiefs, or estates.

What agreement served the basis of feudalism?

Feudalism was a political system based on an agreement between two groups of nobles-- lords and vassals.

What are good stuff the middle ages lords did?

The lords gave vassals land in exchange for military and other services

What privileges were granted to lords and vassals in a feudal relationship?

they were given land