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Law and Order was very harsh in Medieval England. It was believed

that people would only learn how to behave properly if they feared

what would happen to them if they broke the law. Even the

'smallest' offences had serious punishments.

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Law and order was very harsh in Medieval England. It was believed

that people would only learn how to behave properly if they feared

what would happen to them if they broke the law. Even the

'smallest' offences had serious punishments.

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Your question cannot be answered because you did not include enough information. What punishment? Of whom? When? Where? Please resubmit your question and include this information.

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because they were

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Q: Why were the punishments so bad?
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Who gave out punishments and why in the middle ages?

Judgments and punishments varied by place and status. A vast majority of judgments were handed out by the assize - a group of knights traveling to various towns and cities to hold court, hear claims, and judge and punish those who broke the law. Because it was impossible for the king to hear every case, the knights, landholders he appointed and trusted, were assigned to judge people in his stead. The king's court primarily dealt with very high ranking nobles and foreign heads of state. The knights were wealthy land owners and while some were fair and honest, many times judgments could be skewed and fines or punishments did not fit the crime. This is why the Provisions of Oxford and later the Magna Carta required a jury of peers - a jury equal in rank and standing to the person accused. Larger towns might have a seneschal or autocrat who could also hand out judgments and punishments but if something happened that directly involved the seneschal or the high ranking person of the town, many times they would have to wait for the assize to make the circuit.

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What problems did the poor people of ancient Rome face?

The main problem of the poor was survival. Most of them were unemployed or underemployed. They relied of a initially subsidised and then free grain dole distributed by the state. Another problem was unfairness. Most of the Roman punishments were corporal punishments and death sentences. Most of these were meted out on the poor. The rich usually got away with a fine or house arrest, except for cases of treason.

What were some of the punishments in the Code of Hammurabi?

It depends on how bad you broke the law. There is many consequences for breaking the law like: Jail, community service, probation. For example if you did something bad enough to go to jail like murder someone you may be sentenced to life.