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the Desert Ratsthe Desert Rats

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Q: 5 What nickname was given to the British 8th Army in the 2nd world war?
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Nickname for private in british army?


Why are British soldiers given the nickname 'Tommy'?

It is short for Tommy Atkins, a name example used by the British Army on an example form on how to fill out forms for new recruits during World War I. The term has fallen out of use and the common term used today is a "squaddie".

British were called red?

The British Army wore red uniforms which earned them the nickname "Red Coats"

What was the Red Army in world war 2?

The Red Army was a nickname for the Soviet Army.

What was the American army's nickname for British soldiers in the gulf war?

the red coats

11 letter nickname for the British army during the Revolutionary War?

They were called lobsterbacks

What uniforms did the Portuguese army wear in 1914?

in 1914, the portuguese uniforms were given by the british army, so they were equal to the british army uniforms

Name the british army was given at the battle of Dunkirk?

BEF The british Expeditionary Force

What was the nickname given to the British soldiers in the American Revolution?

"Redcoats" and "Lobsters".========================The terms Redcoats and Lobsters disappeared when the British Army stopped wearing red tunics. From around the 18th Century, British soldiers became known as Tommies, a term which continued until around the end of the Second World War. Nowadays British soldiers are known as squadies (from squad)

Why be a loyalist?

The British had the strongest army and navy in the world.

Who won world war l?

The British army

Why was john kipling called jack kipling?

John Kipling was called Jack as a common nickname for John in the British Army during World War I. It was a practice to use a more informal name or nickname to distinguish individuals with the same or similar names in military records and communication.