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Abraham Lincoln.

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Q: A doughface many of his policies brought the Civil War closer?
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Who brought the civil war closer with his policies?

Ok i could be wrong but i think it was Abe Lincoln.

How did the Transcontinental Railroad make a difference in the Civil War?

It brought California closer ti the industrialized northeastern states.

Explain Roosevelt's civil rights dilemma?

Roosevelt set aside Wilson's discriminatory policies, but he stayed neutral on an anti-lynching bill that was brought to the floor of congress in 1937.

Why was the Dred Scott decision significant?

It heightened the division between the two sides - it delighted the South and greatly offended Northern abolitionists. It raised the temperature of the debate, and brought civil war closer.

What was the name of the Republicans who openly disagreed with Linclon's policies during the Civil War?

Republicans who openly disagreed with Lincoln's policies were called Radicals during the Civil War.

How did president Kennedy initially approach civil rights policies?

According to my U.S. history book, President Kennedy initially approached civil rights policies cautiously.

What was the result of the laissez-faire economic policies are by the federal government between the Civil War and 1990?

Laissez-faire economic policies Civil War and 1900 results was

Accomplishments of the us Civil War?

The U.S. Civil War effectively ended slavery in the U.S. and it brought the nation closer together. Before the war the average citizen would say, "The United States are" instead of, "The United States is" They were implying that the U.S. wasn't one as a nation.

What were William Taft's policies on civil rights?

I think he did nothing.

What war brought the end of the shakers?

Civil War

Who brought the civil war to an end?

General Sherman

Why did the dixiecrats leave the Democratic Party?

They did not support Trumans civil rights policies.