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about 180 texan soilders died at the about 180 texan soilders died at the

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Q: About 180 texan soilders died at the what?
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When did Frank Andrews - Texan - die?

Frank Andrews - Texan - died in 1936.

How many confederate soilders died in the US Civil War?

258,000.94,000 died in battle and 164,000 died of disease.

What is you Were Soldiers about?

some of the soilders died but my grandpa was a soilder but he didnt die

How many amreicans soildiers died in Vietnam war?

58,226 soilders

Who is the person that died in eminems like toy soilders video?


How many people died on sword beach day 1?

on day 1 - 507 british soilders were killedon day 2 - 4899 canadian soilders were injured but none killedon day 3 - 2422 american soilders were killed .

How many Texans died at the battle of the almo?

189 Texan defenders

Did the trenches collapse?

Yes, they collapsed quite often. Soilders often died from being "Drowned" in mud. The soilders tried to make the trenches harder, they paneled them with wood.

How many allied soilders died at Normendy?

all together about ten thusand men died on d-day

How many soldiers died at the Battle of Shiloh church?

over 1000 thousand soilders.

How many Ohio soilders died in Vietnam war?

Ohio sacrificed 3,092 men in the war.

How many soilders died in the battle at Gettysburg?

Lee lost 28,000 - Meade lost 23,000