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Hitler viewed people of Nordic European descent to be Aryan. Countries predominantly inhabited by people of this race (such as the Scandinavian countries or Teutonic states of Central Europe) were generally considered Aryan Nations. However, people all over the world could be considered Aryan, as long as they have a pure bloodline of Nordic European descent.

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Q: According to Hitler What other nations could be considered Aryan?
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Who were the chosen people according to Hitler?

The Aryan people.

What did Hitler call pure people?

The Aryan race were considered by Hitler to be pure.

Who were the victims and perpetrators of the genocide?

The victims of the holocaust were mainly the Jews of all nations, Poles, Gypsies, indeed, any race the Germans considered sub-human and non-Aryan. The perpetrators were Hitler and the Nazis.

What is a summary of Hitler's autobiogrophy?

It's about his belief in the Aryan race. And, it can be considered Hitler's doctrine. He blames the Jews and Communists for ruining the great Germany.

Aryans And Hitler?

Hitler idealised the Aryan race and believed that the Aryan race was the perfect race.

What did Adolf Hitler call his super race?

The Aryan race.

Who was The German master race that Hitler insisted was destined to rule inferior?

Adolf Hitler.

Who was on Hitler's side during the Holocaust?

The axis powers and the Aryan Nations (formed by Hitler) where on Hitler's side during the Holocaust. The Aryan Nations consisted of the following Countries: luxemborg Germany belgium the Netherlands Poland denmark Yugoslavia austria Switzerland Italy Slovakia Estonia Lithuania liechtenstein Sweden Norway Finland czechrepublic in the beginning soviet union pretty much all of eastern Europe (the Baltic coutries)

Who was involved in the Aryan supremacy?


Was Adolf Hitler himself an 'Aryan'?

"Aryan" actually has no racial meaning. Instead, it is a now obsolete term referring to the Indo-European languages. Hitler misused the term to refer to Caucausians of the Nordic type. Hitler thought that the Pure German "Aryan" race was blonde hair blue eyes. Hitler himself was not an Aryan to his standards.

Aryan how does this word apply to Adolf Hitler?

Aryan means one who has blonde hair and blue eyes Hitler always wanted to be an aryan yours truly:number1emmawatsonfan PS.ill always be here to help

Did Hitler believe in aryan are a master race?

The Germans when Hitler came into power had been told they were the cause of WW1 and they had to pay for it. The Aryan race idea gave them a feeling of superiority and power. There is no ethnicity that is Aryan, but this is a construct of Hitler and white supremacists. Himmler used this construct and combined it legend and supernatural thinking to create the SS. One of the interesting things about Germany is an Aryan is not always blond blond hair, but it can be light brown or even auburn. I lived in Germany 5 years and was considered a "blond" with brown hair.