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It was actually after WWII not WW1 that four nations possessed territories that once belonged to Germany. The four nations were US, GB, USSR, and France.

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Q: After World War 1 four nations possessed territory that belonged to Germany?
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Which nations belonged to triple alliance?

Three nations belonged to the triple alliance and they were Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.

These three nations belonged to the Triple Alliance in 1914?

austria Hungary, Germany, and Italy

After th first world war what 2 nations possessed land that belonged to Germany?

After which war,the first world war or the second?,and whether or not you speak of either war more than two nations received German land. 1st world war=checkoslovakia,Poland,France receive German land (not to mention the distribution of the German colonies in Africa and the pacific)2nd world war=Poland gets more land,as does the soviet union,German land is occupied by the biritsh,french,Americans and soviets until the dissolution of the soviet union in 1991

What two nations were carved out of German territory?

East & West Germany

What two modern nations were part of cloviss territory?

France and Germany

What two modern nations were part of clovis territory?

France and Germany

What did Missouri belonged to?

Missouri has belonged to three nations: France, Spain and the United States.

4 nations that LOST territory after the World War 1?

Austria-Hungary, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and Bulgaria

What was Germany planning to do with the territory they conquered in the East?

Germany actually had a similar plan to that of the west when it came to the eastern territory. They planned on creating a Poland from Russian territory (but obviously not German) and the baltic nations. However, one can only speculate how the German and Austro-Hungarian borders would have expanded.

In world war 2 what were Nazi Germany and japan fighting over?

The territory of their neighbors. Nazi Germany, Italy & Japan were consumed with the desire to conquer & enslave their neighboring nations.

Has Italy belonged to other nations?

Partos of Italy has belonged to the Crown of Aragon and later to Spain, to France and to Austria.

Which Eastern European nations belonged to NATO?

Soviet union