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Trenton and Princeton.

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Trenton and Princeton

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Trenton and Princeton

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Q: After crossing the Delaware on Christmas night 1776 Washington and his troops were victorious in which two battles?
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What Revolutionary War event happened on Christmas Day?

During one of the darkest moments of the American Revolution, Gen. George Washington led his army over the frozen Delaware River on the evening of December 25, 1776. The famous Crossing of the Delaware led to the Battle of Trenton and a string of victories that revived the cause.

In what battle on Christmas 1776 did Washington defeat the Hessians?

Washington defeated the Hessians after he crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania (now known as Washington's Crossing, PA) into Trenton, New Jersey. The Hessians had been up celebrating and Washington and his men surprised them, defeating them soundly in the Battle of Trenton (December 26, 1776).

Is Valley Forge and battle of Trenton the same battle?

No. The Battle of Trenton followed Washington's crossing of the Delaware on Christmas night, 1776. Valley Forge is significant but not as the sight of any battle, rather it was the camp of Washington's army during the following winter of 1777-78. Note that Philidelphia is near both Valley Forge and Trenton; it was the largest city and capital of the country which explains why there was considerable military activity in its vicinity.

Which American Officer was known as the Old Fox?

The British applied that nickname to Washington, at least early in the War for Independence. The Continental Army had performed so poorly in the New York campaign that the British musicians had started playing fox hunting calls whenever the inevitable retreat began. Thus they were saying that this was not a war but a giant fox hunt and the Americans not soldiers but merely frightened prey. The most famous use of the term was after Washington's crossing of the Delaware and subsequent victory at Trenton. A British force under Cornwallis had advanced and taken up positions outside the town, seemingly pinning Washington's little army against the river. Cornwallis intended to attack the next morning and put an end to the rebellion. He wrote, "We'll bag the old fox in the morning" Well, when they got up the next morning the American Army was nowhere to be seen and Cornwallis and his officers had no idea where they had gone, until they caught the faint sound of cannons booming ten miles on their rear where Washington was falling on a British column of reinforcements in Princeton. P.S. The Old Fox in not to be confused with Col. Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox of the Carolina campaigns.

Inventor of the nuclear bomb?

Leo Szilard in 1933 while crossing a London street. Patented it in 1934: British patent 630,726.

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In the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware how is Washington shown crossing the Delaware?

In a Boat

When was Washington Crossing the Delaware created?

Washington Crossing the Delaware was created in 1851.

What impact on did the crossing of the Delaware have?

The impact of the crossing of the Delaware was that the British learned to never let their guard town. They were unprepared for an attack on Christmas Day. Washington and his troops won the battle.

When was Washington Crossing the Delaware - sonnet - created?

Washington Crossing the Delaware - sonnet - was created in 1936.

Why did George Washington make the risky move of crossing the Delaware river on Christmas night why did George Washington make the risky move of crossing the Delaware river on Christmas night 1776?

novanet : to make a surprise attack on German mercenaries in trenton, New Jersey

What two battles where victorious after crossing the Delaware?

the battle of trenton

When was Washington crossing the Delaware painted?

Sometime after Washington crossed the Delaware, I believe.

Did George Washington cross the Delaware River on Christmas Eve?

Washington's forces started to cross in the evening of Christmas Day but did not finish crossing until about 3am the following morning December 26th, due to horrendous weather.

What is Washington crossing the Delaware river?

its when gerge washinton ceoss the delaware

Where is Washington going in the famous painting Washington Crossing the Delaware Why?

In the famous painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware," Washington is depicted standing in a rowboat that is making its way across the Delaware River. The painting depicts the historical event of General George Washington and his troops crossing the river on Christmas night in 1776 in order to launch a surprise attack on the Hessian soldiers in Trenton, New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War. Washington's destination is the opposite bank of the river where the Hessian soldiers are located.

Who was holding the flag in the painting Washington crossing the Delaware?

Not you

What battle begun with Washington and crossing of the Delaware?