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Q: After the Mexican War where were Mexicans treated the best?
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After the Mexican-American War where were the Mexicans treated best?


Who helped end the Mexican war?


Who won the Mexican war of indendence?


How did the Mexicans feel after the Mexican-American war?


What was the name of the war that the Mexicans fought to get their freedom?

Mexican war of Independence.

What did Mexicans call the Mexican American War?

The American Invasion. The War of '47.

Did you beat the Mexicans in the Mexican-American War?

no but mr houston did

What was Mexican war?

The mexican war was a war between Texas and the mexicans for Texas becoming a newly independant country. Texas won and did not surrendur to the mexicans. The americans then later annexed Texas in 1848 in the treaty of Guadolupe Hidalgo

Which was a result of the Mexican war?

Mexicans losing access to gold mines

Who fought in the Mexican American War?

The turtles and kitties of china.

How did whites gain more power over Mexicans who stayed in the US after the Mexican-American War?

There was not neccessarily a racist shift in power between the pair of Mexicans and Americans after the Mexican American war. In fact, this war instead opened up many jobs in both countries for Mexicans and Mexican immigrants. The only power the Caucasians may have gotten over the Mexicans were that most Mexican Immigrants were employed into businesses where they served a boss of that racial color.

What was the strategy of the Mexicans in the Mexican American war?

it ate fried people with pickels and fish.