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After the cease-fire, the United States continued to send military and economic aid to South Vietnam.

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there was no cease fire. it ended with nixon pulling out troops. after we pulled out south Vietnam fell so we didnt do anything further

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military and economic aid

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Q: After the cease-fire the us continued to send to south Vietnam?
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After the ceasefire the US continued to send to South Vietnam?

After '73, the bare minimum to sustain operations (Congress shut off the funds).

When did the US first send troops to Vietnam and when was a ceasefire signed?


What did the us send to south Vietnam?


What enabled north Vietnam to send troops to south Vietnam?

Men & material infiltrated into South Vietnam via the Ho Chi Minh Trail. To train South Vietnamese soldiers

How did the vietcong insurgency affect american policy toward vietnam?

The vietcong strikes convinced President Kennedy to send American military advisers to South Vietnam

The US began to send military advisors to South Vietnam in .?

1954 A+

Who enabled North Vietnam to send troops to South Vietnam?

Men and material infiltrated into South Vietnam via the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Did the US send money weapons to North or South Vietnam?

The US helped the SOUTH Vietnamese. The North was the enemy!

Did Kennedy send military advisors to south or north Vietnam?

He Sent them to Help The South Vietnamese Against The North Vietnamese

What country did the US send money to during the cold war?

South Korea and South Vietnam received financial assistance.

Did the US send combat troops to Vietnam just to protect its advisors and the south vietnamese government from North Vietnam and the Vietcong?

US Military Advisers were in South Vietnam to help the South defend themselves. When that didn't work, US Regulars were sent in. When that didn't work, they vacated the field.

Why did president kenndy send troops to Vietnam?

To try and keep South Vietnam from falling to the Communists, and because the government of South Vietnam was too corrupt and incompetent to defend themselves. The government of South Vietnam was never able to defend themselves, and President Gerald R. Ford finally gave up on them in 1975. They soon fell to communist North Vietnam.