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Q: After world war 2 population in rural areas?
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What happen after world war 2 population in rural areas?

decreased ~apex

What happened to population in rural areas After World War 2?

decreased ~apex

What happened in rural areas after World War 2?

decreased ~apex

What were the demographic changes brought about by World War 1?

Movement to rural areas.

What was the role of women in rural areas during World War 2?

you are just a stupid person and nobody likes you

Do more people in Japan live in cities or on farms?

The majority of the Japanese population live in urban areas like Tokyo. Rural populations have been steadily declining since the end of World War II.

How were children evauated in World War 2?

They were usually transported by train to rural areas where families had agreed to temporarily house them.

What is rural to rural migration?

is the migration in which people are moving from rural areas to urban areas,which can be temporary or permanent migration

In what 2 europeain countries was most of World War I fought in?

Most of World War 1 was fought in France and Belgium. French towns and rural areas suffered the most damage. The Belgian forests and border areas suffered damage.

Who dicidded to start evacuation in world war 2?

Winston Churchill and Parliament chose to have Ministry of Health do the evacuation of the British children. They had them go to the rural areas, coastal areas and mountain areas of the UK.

The movement of people from rural areas to cities is called an?

Since World War II, Georgia has been shifting from a mostly agricultural economy to an industrial-based economy. The proportion of the population living in the rural areas decreased to about 25% in 1990. This shift has had negative impacts on the environment.Georgia's transition from an agricultural to industrial-based economy.

What did to be evacuated mean in World War 2?

In Britain in World War 2 children (and in the case of babies, also the mothers) were sent from large cities to rural areas to get them away from bombing. This process was called evacuation.