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nations should act together to promote peace

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Q: After world war ii many countries believed in the principle of collective security which means that?
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What principle was NATO based on?

Collective Security / Defense

The principle of collective security works to keep international peace and order by initing most world nations?

Collective Security.

How did Nato demonstrate the principle of collective security?

There are many discussions as to whether or not NATO demonstrated the practice of collective security through theory or practice. After September 11th, 2001 NATO was called into action and stated that an attack on one is an attack on all. Since then security across the entire US has increased in many noticeable ways, such as airport security.

Why was NATO formed?

To provide collective security against the Soviet Union

When was Collective Security Treaty Organisation created?

Collective Security Treaty Organisation was created in 1994.

Why collective security is important for the study of international politics?

Collective security is a global arrangement in which the security of one becomes a concern for all united regions. It is an important concept in the study of international politics because collective security addresses a wide range of possible threats.

Does the Cold War represent a struggle over the issues of collective security?

Collective security is Group security; the priority of society over the individual. Communism over free society.

How does the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty help to ensure collective security?

There is a number of countries that signed the treaty but nobody knows how safe we are against nuclear weapons.

Salient features of New world order?

1) global piece 2) collective security 3)collective security 4) non proliferation's

Which school of thought attributes collective security?


What were NATO and the Warsaw pact examples of?

Both were intergovernmental military alliances created before or during the Cold War, on the principle of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party.

What was achieved in collective security agreements?

Collective security agreements give assurance to a country that the other members of the agreement will never attack it. Also, if one country is attacked, the other members of the security agreement will come to its defense.