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Third Reich

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Q: Another name for nazi germany was the?
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What is another term for Nazi?

fascist The term Nazi is a contraction of the name of Hitler's political party: National Socialist.

Was there a city named Nazi Germany?

No, Nazi Germany is the name given to Germany during the time Hitler was in power.

What name was given to the countries at war with Nazi Germany?

The Allies

Was it forbidden to name your baby Jacob in nazi Germany?


Who rule over Nazi germany?

The Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany. That is why it is called "Nazi" Germany.

In Nazi Germany is their privileged class?

Nazi Germany was a classless society. The point was that anyone could climb the ranks. (this was another reason why the former upper class did not like the Nazis)

What was the name given to Aryan military leaders?

nazi germany

What relationship did Hitler have with the Nazi Germany?

He was the leader of Nazi Germany .

Why was it necessary for Joseph Stalin to join World War 2?

Nazi Germany and USSR have a fake peace deal. Nazi Germany, as the name says, was nazi, and USSR communist, there wasn't any chance for a peace between them.

What country annexes Austria and the Sudetenland?

Nazi Germany

Who was the Nazi in Germany?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany.

Why is it called the Nazi?

Germany was called Nazi Germany because the Nazi party took control of Germany's decision making, creating more of an empire like country instead of a democracy.