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The Battles of Brandwine and Fort McHenry in the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Antietam in the US Civil War.

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Q: Any civil war battles in Maryland?
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What are Connecticut Major Battles?

In the US Civil War, no battles were fought in Connecticut. The war in the North, however, saw battles in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

What were the 3 states that had the most civil war battles?

Pennsylvania, Maryland ,and Massachusetts

Was there any Civil war battles in Ohio?


Where there any civil war battles in Connecticut?


Where did the battles of civil war mostly fought north or south?

The battles of the Civil War were mostly fought south, including Kentucky, Missouri and Maryland. The only great Battle fought north was that of Gettysburg.

Were there any Civil War battles fought in Illinois?


Where there any civil war battles fought in Minnesota?

no but the Sioux uprising of 1862 in Minnesota is considered part of the Civil war,and had several battles.

Are more civil war battles fought in California than any other state?

No Civil War battles of consecuence were fought in California.

How many battles were fought in the union in the civil war?

In the civil warwas fought in the states of Maine New Jersey New York Maryland and penn. state there battles were 6 there were only 6 battles yet oen of the deadlist

How far did the Civil War spread?

During the Civil War , there were most battles in West Virginia , Maryland , Virginia , Georgia , Mississippi , Louisiana , Pennsylvania , South Carolina , and Alabama .

Why was the Battle of Vicksburg different from the other battles in the Civil War?

it was wayyyy in the south and most other battles were much closer to the border, either in Virginia or Maryland.

Did any battles in the civil war happen on water?