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202345 factories

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Q: Approximately how many factories were located in the South at the beginning of the Civil War?
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Before the civil war most factories and mills were located in what region?

Most factories were located in the North East before the Civil War.

Most of the nations factories were located in the ......During the civil war?

North is the direction you seek. Now do the rest of your homework yourself.

What new factories opened during civil war?

waffle factories

What did the southern factories make in the Civil War?

There were very few southern factories but they did the same as the north.

What did factories make before the civil war?


How many rifles did Northern firearms companies produce during the US Civil War?

During the course of the US Civil War, Northern firearms factories produce approximately 1.7 million rifles. This was mare than enough to rm Union armies.

Norhern factories produced and profitedfrom of these?

civil war supplies

How did southern factories effect the Civil War?

Not much. 90% of the factories were in the north. They did have gunpowder factories so that would have some effect, but for the most part the north had the advantages.

When was the beginning of the Civil War?

the civil started in 1861

The beginning civil war placedateand who started it?

the beginning civil war battle place date and who started it

Civil war How many hour they are work at northern factories?

The workers of the northern factories had to work for many hours and had little rest.

Who had more factories during the civil war?

The North had more factories than the South because the South relied on their agricultural based economy.