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A) Yes Its real, but many 95% are scammers..who are on many social networking like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram.. i fell for these when i was greedy for mobile phone and the offers were very exciting like,

iphone 11 pro - 3000 Rs

Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra - 4000 Rs

And the F**king part is i fell for Fake proofs like delivered, unboxing & Video testimonial.

so i paid them and finally got ripped, he blocked me after the payment has done..

after 6 months there was one more person saying that trust is what you want, and he even describes fake scammers in his telegram channel and says time wasters do not msg me.. need not have trust my works shows everything...

so i thought atleast he was Real carder i started having conversation he sent me screenshot of buying proof & address..and said it will arrive after 10 days.

after 10 F**king Days he blocked me…there are many scammers like

Udayraj_gujar_customs, Shadow carding hub, Op carder proof, Carding Custom mumbai carder visakhapatnam..


B) Finally when i had my friend receiving a carded product from a USA Person, and this guy dosn’t have any channel, basically what i learnt is the real carder wont do publicity as they dont expose themselves and stay hidden.. and fake carder dosn’t atleast know technical terms of carding and has lot of time for spending on TELEGRAM for ripping & Scamming people, this USA person was very genuine but late reply’s…whatever he delivered the product to India.. Named deep_webnet , Finally There is some person who is not INDIAN but is genuine and Real Carder.

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Sai Chaitanya

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3y ago
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Proud Indian

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3y ago
Is deep_webnet trustworthy?
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3y ago

Dude I got scammed a total of 15€ BTC - This guy names himself " Raj Kumar " on Telegram and he literally scammed me.

I f* hate you INDIANS!!!!!! F" YOU I FELL for this.

I will forever not accept you INDIANS F* ALL INDIANS.

He said he will give me 450€ for 15€ BTC...

What a son of a b** , and he keeps saying I'll pay you now and don't response after 1 Day, I'll send you screens!!!

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3y ago

See I'm begging this son of a b*, but he keeps fking lying

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Q: Are there any real carders on telegram do you know one?
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