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That would certainly be the most common construction, but with the development of super-plastics it would be surprising if some are not made of it. Actually the first bombs were probably made of vegetables - a gourd filled with gunpowder.

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Q: Are bombs always made of metal?
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Has the flute always been made out of metal?

No they used to be made out of wood.

What were the bombs made of in world war 2?

There were different bombs for different things. The standard bomb had an outer casing made of steel, filled with an explosive similar to TNT. However, there were incendiary bombs, with an outer skin of thin sheet metal, and filled with a hot burning chemical mix intended to start fires. Other bombs were made to penetrate heavy concrete fortifications, a round bomb made to skip across water and destroy dams, and the atomic bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Is titanium made in bombs?

Titanium is not made in bombs and is not an explosive.

What was the clarinet made of when it was consturcted?

The clarinet has always been made out of wood and metal.

Why are bicycles made of metal?

Bicycles are often - but not always - made of metal because its strong enough, light enough and cheap enough.

Which metal is been used in bombs?

Steel and aluminium.

Why did the Japanese use bombs during World War 2?

All of the combatant nations used bombs during WWII. Rifle/Machingun bullets chip concrete, dent metal, and tear up wood. Bombs destroy concrete, metal, and wood.

What bombs were made because of atomic bombs?

More & higher yield atomic bombs, I guess.

Will metal music still be around in thirty years?

Yes. There will always be some form of "metal" music being made.

Who made the bombs at the Boston marathon?

Brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev made the bombs and planted them at the marathon.

What were bombs made out of in World War 2?

Bombs were made from a steel casing filled with various explosives.

What non metal element is used in incendiary bombs?

This element is phosphorous.