Are gingers a race

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. But is a common genetic trait found in the Celtic race.

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Q: Are gingers a race
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Are gingers actually a dying race?

they better not be a dying race or i will shank someone

Are potatoes and gingers fruit?

no potatoes and gingers are not fruit.

What is the plural of ginger?

The plural of ginger is gingers. As in "these cats are gingers".

What do you do when you encounter a ginger?

Smile at them, compliment them on how AWESOME their hair looks today, say that Gingers are so totally cool and you wish you could join their super race.

How many gingers are there in the world?

Based on a worldwide average of 1.5% gingers, out of the total world population of 6.5 billion, we can calculate that there must be about 97.5 million gingers in the world today.

Do gingers have a better immune system?

The only thing different about gingers is their hair colour. Give them a break.

Why don't people like gingers?

Gingers are the same as people with any other hair color, there is no reason to dislike them.

Is gingervitis contrackted by gingers?


Why are gingers amazing?

Because we are!

What is maltose found in?


Do boys like gingers?


Are gingers feisty?

Although the stereotype of "gingers" is to be fiery like the flames suggested by their hair color, the only effect their hair color actually has on their personality is in response to how other people treat them based on their preconceived notions. Some gingers are feisty. Some are very reserved. Some gingers are extroverts. Some gingers are introverts. Some gingers have quick tempers. Some gingers are incredibly patient and slow to anger. Some are belligerent. Some are conciliatory and consensus seekers. Their personalities are all over the map - JUST LIKE ANY OTHER HAIR COLOR. They are no more likely to be "feisty" than any other hair color.