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The Rebel States were the Southern states - which formed the Confederacy.

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Q: Are the rebels part of the north or south?
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did rebels fight with the union army?

The Rebels were the South. They fought against the North, i.e. the Union army.

What is the Yankee Army?

It was the North in the Civil War. The North's nicknames were the Yanks(Yankees) and the South's were the Rebels.

What were some other names for the north and south during the civil war besides union and confederates?

North, South, Yankees, and Rebels.

What nickname did the north refer to the south as?

During the American Civil War, the North referred to the South as the Confederacy.

Were the north the confederates or were the south in the civil war era?

The North were referred to as the Union troops and the South was called the Confederates. Their nicknames were the North Yankees and the South Rebels.

When was North Ballarat Rebels created?

North Ballarat Rebels was created in 1993.

Who won the Gettysburg battle the north or south?

"The Union" means the North when writing about the Civil War. The South is the Confederacy or the Confederates, sometimes the rebels. The union is what was left of the United States after the southern states seceded.

Why did the north people call the south people rebels during the civil war?

They rebelled against the status quo.

What were the nicknames of the north and the south during the civil war?

The Union, North: Yanks, Yankees, Blue BelliesThe Confederacy, South: Rebels, Rebs, Johnny Rebs, Sesh, Secessionists, Gray Backs

Is the Korean Peninsula in South Korea?

South Korea occupies the south part of the peninsula, North Korea occupies the north part.

Who were the rebels during the revolution war?

North Vietnamese soldiers were referred to as the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) by the GI's in Vietnam, during the war. Southern Communist soldiers living in South Vietnam and fighting in South Vietnam, were called the Viet Cong (VC).

What is a difference between the North and South?

The North was the antislavery part of the country; The South was a pro-slavery part of the country.