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There are no concentration camps today. There are still many people in the world who are suffering for various reasons, and there are many refugees in refugee camps, but there are no concentration camps.

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Myanmar (Burma), which is a military Dictatorship which imprisons politican opponents and treats them appallingly.

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Q: Are there still concentration camps that people are tortured in today?
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Were ghettos the same as death camps?

No, a ghetto is not nearly as bad as a death camp. At a death camp, people would be deliberately starved, tortured, fenced in, and killed by their captors. A ghetto is bad, but it's not nearly as bad as a death camp. A ghetto is/was just a place where the people are impoverished and the crime rates are high. People are still oppressed and ill-treated and frequently hungry in ghettos, and it's sad, but they're not literally fenced in and aren't there for the sole purpose of being tortured or killed.

What were the death trains in the Holocaust?

These were the trains that transported prisoners to the concentration camps in Europe during WW2. they were severely overcrowded freight cars and many died as a result of the trip to the camps in them. It is hard to believe that after the documentation available on these conditions people are still being treated this way today.

How many camps were built during world war 2?

There were thousands of camps all over Germany a long time before they started building the true death camps. If you tap in concentration camps into any web search engine, it will show you a map of the camps. They were not all death camps, but were camps for Germans who were not Nazi's, and were used for, what they called 're-training'. IF you were released, and still able to think or even walk, you made sure you followed the rules and joined the 'Nazi Party' and kept your thoughts, to yourself in future.

Are there camps still up to this day?

The camps are not in use today. They are just historical places. A few of them are still up. one is Auscwitz.

Punishment in concentration camp during world war 2?

yes they still could be punished in a concentration camp

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How many people were still in the Nazi concentration camps after the war?


Was there still concentration camps after world war 2?

Yes, some people survived concentration camps. They are known as Holocaust Survivors. Some are even alive today, such as Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and author of his memoir Night.

What are concentration camps like now?

The Nazi concentration camps now are either museums, or the land on which they were has been returned to normal use. Concentration camps that are still running are very similar to what the Nazis had, as some of the people who were involved found employment as technical advisers after the war.

Are there still concentration camps from the Holocaust?

Some of the camps, such as Dachau and Auschwitz, are now museums.

Are there still concentration camp's around the world?

Auschwitz and Dachau have been preserved as museums. Some parts of Buchenwald are still standing and are a memorial site.

Are concentration camps still used today?

Yes, concentration camps are still used today in some parts of the world, such as in China where Uighur Muslims are detained in internment camps. These camps have drawn international condemnation for their human rights abuses and violations.

Why Nazi concentration camps were used after world war 2?

To prevent people who had been bad from living a nice future

Is Buchenwald still going?

Surely you don't think that Germany still has concentration camps, or ...?

What was done to the Jews at concentration camps?

Concentration camps were camps that the Jewssh, Gypsie,s or other people were forced to go to, to be tortured or forced to do work. Adolf Htiler and the German Nazi soldiers did not like those kind of people so they decided to put them in camps, called Concentration camps. They put them in these camps mostly because of their looks and their religion. The camps were built to fit many people in them. they where experimented on to further German sicience like dunking men and women into cold water to see how long they last injecting them with drugs and cutting off limbs while they where still awake to see how will the body react but this was just a small portion mainly they just had them do work or killed them in gas chambers They were starved, abused, and put in death camps in which they put them in gas chambers and when I said abused I meant they ripped parts off and did things that the SPCA wouldn't let the animals treated that way. Trust me.

Why are concentration camps still being preserved today?

The camps have been turned into museums, tourist attractions. Most also serve as memorials.

Are there still concentration camps today?

yes, till this day there are concentration camps in north Korea. They have several locations all over their country. There they keep prisoners of war, traitors, families of traitors and people who opposed or questioned their country or leader. there people are starved, shot, and beat to death on a daily basis for looking for scraps of food, looking at guards or just not working fast enough. there hundreds people die every day. this just one of many ways they keep a strong hold on their people.

What can you do to make sure the Nazi Concentration Camps never happen again?

If the Concentration Camps are still going on today, then just seprate yourself from Jews and you wont be convited as anything and you wont have to spend the rest of your life in a Concentration Camp inless you are released