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Beginning service when the war was going on is considered Vietnam "Era." A veteran doesn't have to serve "in country" to meet "Era" status.

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Q: Are those that served in the U.S Army Reserves from 1972 -1978 considered Vietnam Era vets since some did not serve in country?
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If you served during the Vietnam war in the us army reserves but were not called to active duty except for training are you considered a Vietnam era veteran?

You are a Vietnam Era Veteran but not a Vietnam War Veteran

You served in the Army Reserves during the Vietnam War earning the rank of Sergeant you also was a Medic your total service time was from 1970 to 1976 are you considered a Veteran?

Only the VA can answer that question; it's their rules.

If a person was drafted into the us army served on active duty from 1965 to 1967 in the us but did not actively served in Vietnam can this person be considered a Vietnam era veteran?

He is a Vietnam Era Veteran.

What qualifies as a veteran during Vietnam era?

Generally, a Vietnam era veteran is considered anyone who served in the military between 1964-1975. There are, however, some nuances in the case of Vietnam War veterans, who served in country during the war. They can date back to the late 1950s and early 1960s, when the US had advisers in Vietnam; also, while there were only few in Vietnam at this time, some US servicemen who served in 1974-1975 would be considered Vietnam veterans (I.e. marines present at the Fall of Saigon and US Navy sailors who aided in evacuating Saigon).

You want to know about Vietnam?

I served in Vietnam in 1968, and have also visited the country twice in recent years. Contact me with your specific information needs about Vietnam.

If non-combat are you still considered a Vietnam veteran?

Anyone regardless of rank, branch of service, or jobspeciality, who served in country or in the waters off the coast and were awarded a Vietnam campaign ribbon indicating that they did so is a Vietnam veteran, regardless of the job they performed. The guy who was a chaplain's assistant, cook or clerk typist etc, who served there is a Vietnam veteran just as the combat veteran.

How many veterans of Vietnam are there?

3,403,100 US servicemen served in SEA (South East Asia). 2,594,000 men served in country.

What was the total population of soldiers in the Vietnam war?

Over 3,403,100 US Servicemen served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War; of those men, 2,594,000 served in country (South Vietnam).

How many troops did both sides have?

The United States had 500,000 servicemen "in country" in the Republic of South Vietnam at it's peak strength during the Vietnam War. 2,594,000 servicemen ultimately served "in country." 3,403,100 US servicemen served through South East Asia during the Vietnam War.

How many US military served during Vietnam War?

Approximately 2,594,000 US Servicemen served "in country" during the Vietnam War.

How many Americans served in the vietam war?

There were 1.1 million combat veterans of the war. There were 2.6 million American who served "in country", in South Vietnam. As of 2004 there were 8.2 million "Vietnam Era" veterans, but of course many of these served in other places.

How many Australian men were conscripted to war in Vietnam?

Approximately 63,000 men were drafted and about 19,000 of those men served in country in South Vietnam.