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Yes, if you have physical or mental impairments, you are still considered human.

homo sapien at least

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Q: Are you still considered human if you have physical or mental impairments?
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Where did Greek philosopher Aristotle claim the human mind was located?

Aristotle believed that the human mind or intellect was located in the heart, as he considered the heart to be the center of both physical and mental processes.

Physical and mental changes in human beings occur when?

entire lifespan

How ethnicity affects on physical problems after sports?

Ethnicity has not any effect on physical problems. Physical problems only depend on the human itself. Every human on the planet is the same, and there could be a human from a specific ethnicity, who has similarities with a human of an other ethnicity, both physical and/or mental.

What were the effects of playing basketball to physical and mental heatlh?

The effects of playing basketball or engaging in any physical activity has positive changes in physical and mental health. Physical activity has been proven to combat depression and keeps the human body healthy and strong.

Of what importance is physical exercise for positive mental and physical health in a human being in relation to increasing longevity?

physical health is things that can effect your physical being by jade year 5

What are the four aspects of a human being?

The four aspects of a human being are the mind, the body, the personality & the spirit

Why is psychology important?

Psychology is a branch of medicine. Human beings can have not only physical ailments but mental ailments as well. Physical ailments are treated by doctors and mental ailments can also be treated by professionals in the physchology field.

Can subsonic sound be harmful to human mental and physical health?

Subsonic sounds can affect internal organs. Once that is established the mental effects will be clear too.

What are human vegetables?

A Human Vegetable is a name for a person devoid of any mental or physical abilities. Ie. 'Look at that techie, what a human vegetable) 'That car crash turned her into a human vegetable'

Define Health and Wellness?

health is the well being of human.this includes physical mental social status of human.

Is baking a physical change?

Everything that is made intentionally or with human interference is considered to be an artifical change. If something is altered due to natural process it is considered physical.

What are some risk factors on drugs?

Can cause mental health,physical health,& also can damage the human body systems.