Area where no military troops are allowed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Demilitarized zone

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Q: Area where no military troops are allowed?
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What does dimilitarized mean?

The word demilitarize means that troops and weapons are not allowed. Any area that has been demilitarized then no soldiers or military bases are allowed in that area.

What is the total number of German military troops allowed by Article 160 of the Versailles Treaty?

The total number of German military troops allowed by Article 160 of the Versailles Treaty is 100,000.

When were women first allowed to fight in the US military?

Women are not officially allowed to be on the front line but because of the nature of being close to an area where fighting is going on, it is possible for women to be involved in it. Many countries allow females to be front line troops. Of those that do the date will vary according to the country in question.

When could women join combat troops?

Women were allowed in the military from mid-WWII. Any time before that it was considered unladylike or illegal.

Are Freemasons allowed in the military?

Freemasons are allowed in the military.

What was the area of Germany that wasn't allowed to have German troops for fifteen years?

There's some confusion here. Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles (1919) at the end of World War 1 Germany was not allowed to station troops in the Rhineland. However, in March 1936 Hitler remilitarized the area.

What is deployable mean?

Deployment means to send out and position people or things in a particular area. In military, this is sending out troops to a certain region.

Is spice allowed for military in Iraq?

Spice is not allowed for the military at all.

The control of an area by a foreign military force?

The control of an area by a foreign military force is known as military occupation. It typically involves the deployment and maintenance of troops in the occupied territory, as well as the exercise of authority and control over the local population. Military occupation can occur as a result of conflict, annexation, or intervention by a foreign power.

How many troops are in the North Korean military?

Between active, paramilitary and reserve troops, there are about 9,495,000 people in the North Korean military.

How do you support the troops?

I joined the military.

What is Royal Australian Corps of Military Police's motto?

The motto of Royal Military Police is 'Exemplo Ducemus'.