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Q: As WW1 ended which country suffered the most?
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Which country suffered defeat in ww1?


Which country suffered most in WW1 for casualties?

france.because much of northern France had been a battlefield.

Which country suffered the biggest loss in ww1?


Which country suffered the biggest losses during ww1?


When World War I ended?

Ww1 ended in 1918.

What country seen the most fighting in WW1?

Germany they started it ...

Which country benefited the most financially and economically from ww1?


When did WW1 start and end?

WW1 started in 1914 and for America it started in 1917 and ended in 1918

When did soldiers orf ww1 come home?

when the ww1 ended and if they were very hurt

What country suffered the most economically physically and emotionally as a result of world war 1?

Germany did, thats partially why they went to war again and started WW2, to get their country an pride back ^sorry but I dont agree with this puerile answer, the very fact that Germany was the aggressor somewhat negates their claim as 'victim' . I would argue that France suffered more than anyone during ww1 , most of the battles were fought on French soil. This led to whole swathes of the country being 'demolished' . Also, part of the German battle plan was to 'bleed France white' of men. So France suffered the most

Which country suffered the most casualties during world war 1 central powers or allied?

more allies died in ww1. i am not exactly sure why. there is a breakdown of casualties on wikipedia.

What county suffered the biggest losses during world war 1?

Russia suffered the biggest losses during WW1.