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When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, North and South Vietnam became one communist nation called Vietnam.

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North Vietnam maintained its independent status, while South Vietnam was taken over by North Vietnam.

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Q: At the end of the Vietnam war did it become an independent country?
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Did Vietnam end in 1994?

The Vietnam War ended in 1975, when North and South Vietnam become one country, Vietnam.

What was the end result of the Vietnam Conflict?

North Vietnam took over the country making it communist

What country did the end of the Vietnam war effect?

Only one nation was ultimately effected permanently: The Republic of South Vietnam disappeared! There is no such country today.

Who was the unites states main goal in Vietnam?

The end communism in the country.

What was the fate of Vietnam at the end the war?

The North won; it was their country now.

What communist country is in North Vietnam?

Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, the country has ceased to be divided into north and south sections; it is just one country now. And it has a communist government.

What is the country that held Vietnam as a colony at the end of World War 2?

France .

Explain the political and social outcome of the end of the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam; the Republic of South Vietnam disappeared. and the united country of just one Vietnam was created as a communist nation.

When did Vietnam become independent from its colonists?

It depends on how you read the question. There are three possible dates:2 September 1945 -- This is when the Viet Minh (the forerunners of the Vietnamese government) declared independence from France. However, the Vietnamese people were still under French control. (You can compare this to 4 July 1776 for the United States in that the Americans were still under British occupation when the Declaration of Independence was issued.)1 August 1954 -- This is the date when the French surrendered at the end of the First Indochina War and allowed North Vietnam to become an independent country. However, South Vietnam came under strong US sponsorship and quasi-occupation. Vietnamese today (and North Vietnamese at the time) characterize the South Vietnamese government as a US colonial government. Americans argue that it was simply a close relationship, like the US currently enjoys with Israel or South Korea. Regardless while this was the first establishment of Vietnamese sovereignty since the establishment2 July 1976 -- This was the date when South Vietnam was reunified with North Vietnam and is the date when all of Vietnam (ruled by the former North Vietnamese government) expelled foreign influences.

How long was the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was at war with France before the US intervened in the sixties. In fact, they defeated the French in 1956 and became independent, but divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The Vietnam war the US was in was the result of the North and their communist sympathizers in the South (the Viet Cong) trying to unite the country under communism. When the US pulled out in 1975, they were successful.

Why is comunsm so bad?

Communism is when the government makes your decisions for you such as when you get food. Vietnam is a communist country. That is how the Vietnam war occurred, the us was fighting against North Vietnam to end the idea of communism.

What country ends with a z?

Of the 197 independent countries in the world, none of them end with z.