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Eastern Front

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Q: Battlefield along german and russian border?
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What Battlefield was along German and Russian border?

The term that refers to this Battlefield is the Eastern Front. "The Eastern Front was a theatre of war during World War I in Central and, primarily, Eastern Europe. The term is in contrast to the Western Front. Despite the geographical separation, the events in the two theatres strongly influenced each other." The above was quoted from Wikipedia.

What did Russia do in response to austria declaring war on Serbia?

Russia began moving it's army toward the russian-Austrian border. it mobilized Russia along the German border

What was the line of Fortresses along the French border called?

La ligne Maginot was a defensive line along the German border.

What is the mountainous region along the southern border of the Russian empire?

Georgia, Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia

Which river flows along the German and polish border?

The Oder River.

What is the marinot line?

The Maginot Line was a line of French fortifications along the French/German border.

Who built the barlin wall?

The East German Army Engineering Command built the Berlin Wall, and also the fortifications along the inter-German border.

What shan runs northeast of Hindu-Kush along the Russia-China border?

Tian Shan. It was Russian-Chinese border before 1990's. Now it's the border between China and Central Asian countries.

What is a vast fortification that spread along the French and German border to protect the French from a possible attack?

The Maginot Line

Where is the area called i'Alsace in France?

Top right (North-East) along the river Rhine on the German border

What happened in germany in 1914?

The Russian troops mobilized to the Russo-german border, as Russia was involved in near war with Germany's ally, Austria-Hungary. That, along with said alliance, brought Germany into the war that would, forty years later, be called Wolrd War I.

Why did the German troops go through belgium in ww1?

German troops crossed through Belgium in an attempt to flank the French forces lined in trenches along the border.