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Socially Constructed Apex O,,w,,O

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Q: Because race only exists when people decide that there are differences between people what do sociologists consider race to be?
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Why is the distinction between culture and instinct important to sociologists?

The distinction between culture and instinct is important for sociologists because it helps in understanding the role of socialization in shaping human behavior. Culture refers to learned behaviors and beliefs passed down through generations, while instinct refers to innate, biologically determined behaviors. By distinguishing between the two, sociologists can analyze how individuals navigate between their cultural norms and instinctual drives to interact in society.

What is the difference between compare and difference?

Compare is a verb (the noun is comparison) Difference is a noun (the verb is differentiate). Compare means to consider one or more objects or ideas and to analyze the similarities and differences. Differentiate means to be able to consider two similar objects (or ideas) and to identify which is which. Contrast means to consider two objects (or concepts) and to identify the differences between them.

What are the differences between cybernetics and an artificial intelligence?

One of the main differences between cybernetics and an artificial intelligence is that those working in cybernetics consider the most important result to be powerful descriptions. The most important result in AI is implementation.

Gridlock between the president and congress can occur because of?

Partisan political differences

Breathing occurs because of air pressure differences between the lungs and the?


Is there a difference between men and women's running shoes?

There are many differences between men's and women's running shoes. One of the main differences that one would consider when choosing running shoes is the foot structure. Men's feet tend to be longer and wider.

What is the difference between psychologists and sociologists?

Sociologists study interactions between people but psycologists study people's emotions and how they think.

What is patriarchy to sociologists?

Patriarchy, in sociology, refers to a social system where men hold primary power and dominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, economic privilege, and social privilege. It is characterized by the systematic oppression of women and reinforces gender inequalities. Sociologists study how patriarchy influences social structures, institutions, and individual behavior.

What is the differences between web browser and a search engine?

There is not really a diffrents between those because there the same thing

What theory states sociologists contend that difference between component groups in the us are important and help to make up a diverse eclectic mixture?

The theory that states sociologists contend that differences between component groups in the US are important and help make up a diverse eclectic mixture is the theory of multiculturalism. This theory emphasizes the value of diversity and the coexistence of different cultural groups within a society, highlighting the contributions that diverse backgrounds bring to the overall fabric of society.

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